Customizable interactive installations. Versatile, ready to use and easy to install. The best of our lab in multiple formats.

Walking on a floor, touching a screen, using your body or painting with a digital spray can. Amazing sound, interaction and graphics at the distance of a call. The best from our lab to your venue.


Walking has never been so much fun. Variable-size, multi-user projected surfaces.

body sense

Your silhouette like never before. Projections or screens where your body is the key.

sensitive wall

Everyday spaces converted into light, sound and color. Interactive installations adaptable to any usual transit space.

grafitti wall

An interactive experience where anyone can grab a digital spray can to create art. It’s brandable, sparks curiosity and always engages your crowd.

touch wall

A screen of any size turned into a multi-user experience that surprises and amuses. An unforgettable experience at your fingertips.

ar photo

A mirror where you can become almost anything. The best of augmented reality in a social experience.