OUT Studio is an interactive media, production and conceptual design company. We use technology, design and innovation to pioneer forms of entertainment that offer new and powerful experiences.


State of the art content. Custom made tool for volumetric film and post-production.

Our Services

xr/virtual set

Our set will allow you to imagine, create, and deliver new and magical visual experiences. So if want to create something to captivate your audiences with new technologies, our AR Virtual set is for you.

Our Services

state of the art content

We bring stories to life. We create graphics using coding and state of the art tools that take concepts and ideas and turn them into stunning images that pack an emotional punch.

Our Services

interactive installations

We design and develop cutting-edge, immersive, interactive installations and new forms of storytelling. Everyday spaces that evolve into interactive landscapes.

Our Services

iot & digital fabrication

Wheter it´s a physical device, a digital service or the two combined, we provide an strong and reliable solution. Conected devices, sensor networks and custom made hardware for a wide range of BI and AI.

Our Services

production design

We are experts in equipment and budget administration, production roles and crew design, scenography plots and set deployments. Live productions from the ground, one role at the time.

Our Services

stage and set design

Theres nothing like the adrenaline that comes from playing live. We are VJs since birth and we have extensive experience executing live shows at any scale. Concerts, parties and live shows where a highly precise execution is the key.

Our Services

av installations

Visuals, technology and sound intertwined in a perfect balance. We create immersive spaces using projectors, speakers, sensors, screens and much more. We love AV installations because they are our perfect playground. A place we will always want to return to.


The best partners in the digital production industry.

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