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body sense

Seeing your body like never before. Body Sense is an installation where anyone can interact by moving in front of a screen. The most magical mirror ever built. The best way to display your best moves, magnified and multiplied!


Body Sense is an outstanding high impact tool for your audience. From your event venue with an open audience to a precise stage and time coded show on a complex stage.


We employ body and depth tracking technology that transform any size LED screen into a magical mirror using body movements to control any kind of interactive content. From an arcade game, advance data visualization to a complex and precise show or keynote presentation.


• multi-user interaction
• dance, walk or get close
• no users limit
• real time physics sims
• interactive 3D game engine

Equipment provided

• everything!
• LED/projection screen
• Depth/Body sensors
• sound speakers
• 3D engine video server

Setup + Takedown

• we arrive on site with equipment
• we do site check
• we setup: approx. 3 hours
• we stay at event to assist guests
• we handle takedown: 45 minutes

Interactive Show Plugin

• particles and physics sims
• high fidelity body tracking
• multi user
• stage rig and lights friendly
• timecode/smpte integration

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