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graffiti wall

We built the graffiti wall to bring people together with a fun, hands-on, interactive experience where anyone can grab a digital spray can to create art. It’s brandable, sparks curiosity and always engages your crowd.


The Digital graffiti is perfect to engage your audience.


It gives your guests an opportunity to paint on a massive canvas an unexpected experience that they will remember. Lower lighting is optimal for the system’s tracking and for getting the projected image to pop.


• select your colour + nozzle
• try out stencils + stickers
• up to 2 people can paint at once
• save option for artwork
• share art on our tablet via email/text

Equipment provided

• everything!
• projector + projection screen
• soft enclosure for back of screen
• branded graffiti cans
• tablet for sharing artwork

Setup + Takedown

• we arrive on site with equipment
• we do site check
• we setup: approx. 3 hours
• we stay at event to assist guests
• we handle takedown: 45 minutes

Video Mapping Plugin

• real time paint + mapping
• paint any surface
• setup: approx. 5 hours
• industrial projection
• branded content + sm sharing

brand it!

Add your artwork or let us design the best for you. Brand the spray can, place your logo and send your message.