mercedes benz fashion week

In the sixth edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Guanacaste, national talent was shown and a music, art and gastronomy entertainment platform was created.


We design and develop the content for the 4 national designers who participated in the fashion show, whose collection was designed freely and exclusively for the event.


Pinilla Beach Club / Costa Rica

montserrat dibango

The Montserrat collection is deeply rooted in the textures used for the pieces. We analyzed the textures and write algorithms to design the runway contents.


Generative design is one of the things we like the most and this particular project was perfect for using this technique.


Photos by Juan Calivá.

truko swimwear

The monteverde forest was the inspiration for the Truko collection. Using Notch and lidar lasers we created a depth map of a forest fragment for Melissa’s runway.


We created a visual system that was able to show the forest in a very different way. The perfect balance between a real environment and one made in code: the aesthetics of the algorithm.


Photos by Juan Calivá.

carmiña romero

Carmiña based her collection on the compass rose and set by the color palettes of the mediterranean towns of France.


A visual system that combined geometric patterns, aerial shots of the French riverbank and a rhythm inspired by the movement of the fabrics that Carmiña used for her pieces.


Photos by Juan Calivá.

guayaberi swimwear

Guayaberi created a collection inspired by the summer landscapes of Costa Rica.


We designed a deep and minimalist scene. A tunnel made with plants that accompanied the brand’s runway.


Photos by Juan Calivá.

runway show at the beach

runway show at the beach

The best landscape, the best designers and the best fashion show.