We create installations and digital experiences for events, galleries, museums, exhibitions and public space. We design powerful experiences.


volumetric filmmaking

Volumetric film and post-production custom made tool. State of the art vfx content.

OUT Studio is an interactive media, production and conceptual design company with a full range of production expertise under one roof. We are experts in interaction design, video, lighting, architecture, sound and visual effects to create remarkable experiences.

our process

We design the entire user journey and assemble powerful experiences using technology and design.


Solving the right problems.


The user as the center.


The whole journey.


Combining the right tools.


Until the last detail.

State of the art


Real Time Content / Generative Content / Graphic Production and VFX / Tracking Integrated Content / Music and Sound Design / Film and Post-Production

Choosing the right tools

2 – creative

Concept and Ideation / Prototyping / Previsualization / Interactive Installations UX and UI / Events and Shows Screenplays

Until the last detail

3 – production

Events and Stage Production Design / Budgets and Equipment Management / Live Productions Design 

Road map for every project

4 – technical

Video and Projections Setups / Lighting Designs and Setups / Installation and Custom Made Asembly / On Site Deployment and Operation

One line of code at the time

5 – development

Interactive Installations / Digital Fabrication / Hardware and Software Development / Media Servers Development and Assembly / Real Time Tracking and Content VFX / Sensors and Integrated Systems

Design process

We love the process and our clients are our collaborators. For each project, we define the right problems, devise innovative solutions and develop a process to achive it.


Putting the user and customer needs at the center of our solutions, we design the entire user journey and assemble powerful experiences merging technology and design.